EDGE Research & Consulting Limited started its journey in 2017 almost by accident. While working on a plan to set up an asset management company, we realized that there is a lack of quality, independent investment research services in Bangladesh. In addition, our background in equities research at places like Tellimer, Caravel Management LLC, BRAC EPL Stock Brokerage, etc. gave us a competitive advantage. Drawing on these strengths and what we saw as a market opportunity, we spun off our internal research team into a separate entity-- EDGE Research & Consulting Limited.

Over time, we expanded beyond pure equity research to meet the growing needs of our clients. Within subscription research, we expanded to banking sector coverage and economic research. We also took on consulting projects and investment banking deals, leveraging our strong research team capabilities.

Our Philosophy
  • Pareto principle to focus on what really matters: We emphasize identifying the most important economic and company-specific drivers to develop an educated hypothesis on the direction of those drivers.
  • Risk focus makes us continuously monitor factors that can break our hypothesis: Once a hypothesis is established, what adds value is recognizing why it could be wrong (risks). In our subsequent research pieces, we are more proactive in flagging threats to our thesis.
  • Top-down and bottom-up synthesis to provide unique insights: We draw up a picture of not just the individual sectors but also the economy as a whole, backed up by channel checks, insights from industry experts, and dialogue with customers and competitors.
  • Focus on how qualitative factors complement quantitative analysis: We understand the holistic story and base our analysis on qualitative factors that drive quantitative analysis. Data in frontier markets can have integrity issues and analysis based purely on this data can be problematic. We spend a significant amount of our time trying to verify the numbers presented to us.

Timeline of EDGE Research & Consulting

Jul 2017

EDGE Research and Consulting Ltd. was incorporated.

Jan 2018

Began providing Equity Research services for our coverage universe to foreign fund managers.

May 2019

Launched debt research services with a focus on providing top-quality banking sector research to foreign banks and DFIs.

Aug 2019

Completed first commercial due diligence project during a series C fundraising of a leading startup.

Aug 2020

Launched macroeconomic research services, targeting local corporates.

Jan 2021

Completed first development consulting project.


Institutional Research Clients


Advisory Projects Delivered

$100 MN+

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Average years of Experience


EDGE is a management owned business which focuses on attracting the top talent with a passion for learning.

Asif Khan, CFA



Waseem Khan, CFA

Head of Research


Mustavi Zaman Khan, CFA

Senior Investment Analyst


Rahma Mirza

Investment Analyst


Fateen Tahseen Alam